San Valentine Wedding Dog Dress & Pecherin

Puerto Rico

Its been more than 13yrs since I start to handmade dresses for my dog Brighette Marie she still my Muse for every creation I handmade. Since I'm getting Marry for the first time and I do not have children's but my dog Brighette is kind "the baby" in my family. I did make something for her and Melody to be part of the ceremony.

My soon to be Husband have a Sato named Melody. The word sato means was born on the street and have no particular dog race. Melody is 13yrs old too she is getting blinde we are going to operate her eyes soon so she could see better. And I made her a Pecherin because she doesn't like to wear dresses.

And I chose Soft Pink with white because they are My Valentine! & Because is a representation of a Wedding Flower Dog, I hope you love my video ! 

Materials I did used Soft Silk Fabric pink and white, some flowers, brooch, Velcro & a bow. 

Question for you, Have your Pets have being part of some important event in your life? Share it on the comment right below....


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