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Puerto Rico

The World Stop here on my Island Puerto Rico on February 2020 this month marks one year of announcement of the World Pandemic so my fiancé  and I stop our wedding plans to see how my Island it was going to function one year later and to see what we can do for our special day.

First we book our Honey Moon on the new Norwegian Cruise call Encore so later we found out that they suspend the cruise so immediately we call to cancel. That was my fiancé first choice, my choice was going to the Island of BVI that its just north east of my Island Puerto Rico but due of Covid19 restrictions we cant stay there.

So our third choice was Puerto Rico !

Why having a Honey Moon on my Island its was our last and best choice?

Well first we know our Island like the back of our head so we will stay on 3 different places to travel around and hoop the Island. On our wedding day we will stay on the closest Hotel that is the Hyatt on Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Its just 5 minutes from my moms home were the reception is going to be. 

You read right......On my Moms House!!!

My Mom home living room décor by me!

Why there? We have other choices like eat on a restaurant but because of Covid we cannot take any photos without the mask off so that means no faces will be on photos because it will be cover, only when we eat we can take the mask off. So because that don't make any sense we decide to do it on my Mom house because that is the house were my family have the December 31 New Year Party so it will be a super fun Idea to have a reception wedding there. 

Sooo how many people are going to be at my wedding?

If all the people that I invite came I'm hoping 12 people. Its a small Covid Wedding no more that 10  I add 2 more but it was not secured if they will come to wedding.

So I talk to my Priest put the date and my mom, fiancé and I start planning our Low Budget Covid Wedding! OMG....Its Official.

I buy a wholesale roses from 3 colors Red, Soft Pink and White I buy this jars and I put all the flowers together.

I will upload a video for you to see soon on my YouTube channel Sylmarie Blog ...

What was our Budget? No more than 3,000$ so we buy all the Party and Wedding Supply on different places like the One Dollar Store, Party City, Macys, Amazon & Etsy.

I have to say that I find my Wedding dress on Macys it was from 399$ with a 74%off my dress was on 99$ What a Bargain I found it with my mother & sister in law. My shoes was from Novus and my head peace is from Etsy & the cake tooper is from the Etsy Shop PlasticSmith

So here are the photos from my mom house the food was cook by my aunt and mom. Its was a small family reunion with much love and happiness. The point its to be bless by God and get Married. The rest is just a blessing having my God Father and my Aunt, my Brother that came from Florida to be with me. My small fiancé family and mom and I. Sadly my dad pass away on 2008 he was in my heart that day. I did go to the Veteran Cemetery and put flowers so he could see I don't forget about him our special day.

Thank You Mom and my Aunt for cooking!

This is the final look of our Low Budget Pandemic Wedding!

So we go off to our Honey Moon week so read my next Post to see all the adventured! 

Follow me on Youtube too see al the Vlogs from my Wedding and HoneyMoon. 

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